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Software Link Library recommends Notepad++ as the best free code editor.

Notepad++ is a lightweight app for editing all kinds of files from text files to HTML to Javascript.

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May 21, 2023

Top code editors

Here are some of the most popular code editors, and their download links.

  1. GitHub Desktop
    GitHub Desktop is an app that allows users to clone GitHub repositories to their computer, edit the files, and push the changes. It's not officially supported on Linux, but there is an unofficial version that works well.
  2. Visual Studio Code
    Visual Studio Code is a professional code editor with a clean interface and lots of features.
  3. TurboWarp Desktop
    TurboWarp is an advanced mod of Scratch with many extra features like custom extensions, controller support, and more.
  4. Scratch Desktop
    Scratch is a block-based programming language made to appeal to younger children. It has a large community of users, studios, and projects.